Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit Review-Small And Portable

Uwell Sculptor Kit is a small painting – created to artistically impress!

The minimalist housing consists of a robust zinc alloy, while the slim design creates a pleasant hand comfort. Characterized by delicate ornaments, these are reminiscent of a medieval artefact that emerges as a masterpiece from Uwell’s forge and can be worn as a pendant around the neck using the lanyard provided.

Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit gray and gold

Under the noble facade works a reliable 370mAh battery, which generates an output of 11 watts using the automatic pull mechanism, while a three-color LED shows the current charge level. In addition, various protective mechanisms ensure appropriate security when using the device.

The set-up is supplemented by a magnetically holding Uwell Sculptor pods, which has a capacity of 1.6ml and is filled via the side-fill system. In addition, the proven Pro-Focs technology in combination with the built-in 1.2 ohm mesh coil harmoniously rounds off the intensive aroma development and dense vapor development.

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How To Use Vessel Core Vape Pen Battery?

How much do you know about the Vessel vape and what do you know about the new Vessel Core that has just been released? Let’s find out.

Vessel Core Vape Pen in stock

The Vessel Core is a pen-like Vape Pen Battery that is compatible with all oil cartridges and gives you amazing airflow.The Core Battery is powered by a variable voltage, long-lasting 260mAh Li-Ion battery that can also be charged via USB-C.

The Vessel Core vaporizer battery also has three LED indicators with different colours to remind you of the amount of battery left.If you want more information about vessel core, you can get it from vapesourcing. You can also find other vapes of your choice at the right price.

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Is Uwell Cravat Pod System Kit Good?

Uwell has released the Uwell Carvat Starter Kit for deal. The miniature device has a minimalist lightweight body without buttons, a sealed refillable cartridge and a maximum power of 9 watts.

Uwell Cravat Pod Kit near me

The device is powered by a built-in 300 mAh battery and is activated when tightened. A small board provides the necessary security system and a maximum output power of 9 watts.

The replaceable Uwell Cravat pod cartridge in uk is fixed with a reliable magnetic connector and is equipped with an integrated evaporator on a grid with a resistance of 1.2 ohms. The tank is refilled through the hole on the end and holds 1.5 ml of liquid.

Cravat pod cartridge for deal

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VOOPOO Drag H80 S Pod Mod Kit 80W Review

Voopoo has released the Drag H80 S Pod Kit. The ergonomic pod mod is powered by an external 18650 battery, uses a convenient sealed cartridge on interchangeable coils, and delivers 80 watts of power.

VOOPOO Drag H80 S kit Golden

The Voopoo Drag H80 S vape starter kit is controlled by the GENE.TT 2.0 board, which has a variable interface and a maximum power of 80 watts. In addition to the usual wattage, economy modes and RBA are provided. An external 18650 battery acts as a battery. Charging should be done via USB Type-C with a current of 2A.

PnP Pod II tank 4.5 ml

The VOOPOO PnP Empty Pod II features a capacious 4.5 ml ejuice, as well as the ability to work with eleven types of evaporators and a serviceable base for one coil. The basic set provides two new copies from the PnP series at 0.2 and 0.3 Ohm. The tightening is adjusted by turning the tank relative to the mod.

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What About Wotofo Profile X RTAļ¼Ÿ

Wotofo has released the Wotofo Profile X RTA. The serviced tank was equipped with a multifunctional base for coils or mesh, a sealed top blower system and a capacious 8 ml flask.

Wotofo Profile X RTA Price

The Vape RTA received a chunky steel body with a solid bore diameter of 28 mm.A faceted twist-on lid was provided with a pedestal for a contrasting 810 multi-colored epoxy drip tip. A rotating air ring with many small round perforations was placed under the top cap.

The base is a massive rectangular construction, consisting of a pair of wide pressure plates, a ceramic cotton platform and four slots.Refueling is carried out from above, through a recessed platform under a removable cover. The standard cylindrical flask can be replaced with an extended 8 ml version.

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What Is Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer Kit?

Today.I want to introduce the Yocan Armor Plus kit in stock.It looks like a pen, long and thin, easy to carry and hold.The convenient built-in USB charging allows you to charge it anywhere with your power cord,always ready to use on the go.

Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer Kit Red

The Yocan vape Armor Plus has a functional adjustable voltage option,ensuring the best vaping experience based on your needs.To adjust the voltage level after switch on the device,press the power button 3 times rapidly.

The Armor Plus Vaporizer Kit features a functional coil cap which is designed to keep your thick oil from leaking and prevent your mouthpiece from getting hot.

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What Is ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo RDA?

Today,I’ll be covering the new Blaze Solo RDA by ThunderHead Creations.It is a trusted brand, robust and well made.How does it feature?

Blaze Solo RDA 24mm in stock

The diameter of the novelty received a classic for modern RDA format devices – 24mm. The main body of the atom body is made of 304 stainless steel.The tank is able to accommodate the volume of 2ml liquid. The latter indicator is achieved due to the “bubble flask” popular today in the vape industry, which here is made of matte polycarbonate and is shock-resistant.

The 43-piece airflow holes in the Blaze Solo Vape RDA price are angled and implemented in the form of a sort of honeycomb,the first pioneer to give you the grand flavor of the ideal.

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