Complete Guide To Across Vape Hazard RTA

Across Vape Hazard RTA is the result of a joint collaboration between Dovpo and Across Vape. Thanks to this collaboration, everyone wins. The latter found in it the opportunity to realise their “crazy” projects, while the former got some new ideas in their product range.

Hazard RTA 24mm price

The dimensions of the tank are quite modest – I’m talking about the height, but the diameter is somewhat non-standard. Do not look at the declared diameter – it is clearly a fit.The starting palette of shades is quite modest – only the most popular colors are presented.The new product is probably crowned with a plastic drip type of the usual fit.Top / side filling – first you need to remove the ring and then uncork the silicone plug. The capacity is probably not bad for such dimensions.

The vape coil is blown from below, moreover, the creators provide interchangeable pins for adjusting the air supply to the hot spot. The tightening intensity is regulated, including by an external rotary ring with a pair of medium-sized air intake holes.

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What About Wotofo Profile X RTAļ¼Ÿ

Wotofo has released the Wotofo Profile X RTA. The serviced tank was equipped with a multifunctional base for coils or mesh, a sealed top blower system and a capacious 8 ml flask.

Wotofo Profile X RTA Price

The Vape RTA received a chunky steel body with a solid bore diameter of 28 mm.A faceted twist-on lid was provided with a pedestal for a contrasting 810 multi-colored epoxy drip tip. A rotating air ring with many small round perforations was placed under the top cap.

The base is a massive rectangular construction, consisting of a pair of wide pressure plates, a ceramic cotton platform and four slots.Refueling is carried out from above, through a recessed platform under a removable cover. The standard cylindrical flask can be replaced with an extended 8 ml version.

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